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Personal Training

Our personal training program is designed to cater for athletes and the average fitness enthusiast to achieve any goal they set out to achieve.

Group Classes

A personalised feel, with the fun of a group experience; all without the costly price tag.


Choose your weapon; fundamental coaching for TRX, Kettlebell & Barbell Training.

Rehabilitation Services

Our Rehab Program is designed to deliver you back to your sport or previous level of activity prior to your injury

Athletic Development

With our athletic development programs, we design a program that is aimed towards your goals. No unessential parts and only results.

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VO2 is like a breath of fresh air in the fitness industry. The trainers have so much up to date knowledge and really care about their clients well being. The variety of classes, workouts within these classes and training styles is amazing.

Jayne Woods

If you live in Wollongong or surrounds then you're extremely lucky! Why? Because you have access to one of the best trainers in Australia. Don't waste being so close and not leveraging their experience in helping you achieve your goals, be it sport specific or general health and wellbeing.

Joanne Tralaggan

What an amazing experience! Thoroughly enjoyed working out with the exceptional trainers and their unrivaled knowledge. Through their professional guidance, was able to achieve personally tailored objectives I thought would not be possible.

Nathan Roberts


The Most Qualified Gym IN Wollongong

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